DAGi Stylus P604
NO: P604
Specifications: 8.3mm disc ( back up-7mm disc )
US $30
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Description: Universal DAGi Stylus Pen P604 fits for touch panels, for example, Apple ASUS Acer Lenovo HP Dell HUAWEI OPPO Samsung hTC LG and so on.
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Pen color:Black (P604-Black)  / Silver (P604-Silver)  / Red (P604-Red)
Length:142 mm (full length) ; 132mm (tip hidden)
Pen body diameter:10 mm
* Accuracy
* Spring part increase tip flexibility
* Power free
* the tip could be hidden by rotating the former part of the stylus
*  Adjustable pre-angle of disc to suit your holding habit
*  Right responsive and light active force
*  Replaceable tip
*  Easily Cut, Copy & Paste
*  Easy to Browse Website / Play Games
*  Great for Drawing, Painting & Handwriting
*  Slide Smoothly
*  Metal clip
*  Ball pen in the other end of the pen